You Are Loved

Fall in love with someone who knows your whole story & despite of all, wants to be with you.

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  • season 1: drake helps josh w/ a crush
  • season 4: drake & josh accidentally sell an orangutan to a man who eats orangutans


don’t shit on people for having self confidence and being happy with their appearance like how bitter are you

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I live in constant fear of being shit on by a bird

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when someone asks to see your phone


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are u sad? feeling down? look at your hands. think about all the dogs they’ve petted. feel happy. so much happy.


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There’s two types of anger one is dry and the other wet and basically wet anger is when your eyes water and your voice shakes and I hate that cause I feel weak when I’m crying while angry I like dry anger when your face is like stone and your voice is sharp I guess wet anger shows that you care too much and dry anger means you’re done.

This is the best description ever

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"I’m afraid we’ll always be
a book with the end pages ripped out."
- Madisen Kuhn, Does Time Truly Heal All Wounds? (via hellanne)

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